Filming Wild Horses… In the Wild

Go to the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, and film wild horses? HECK YES!!  I was honored to collaborate on a project with Ale Vidal for a film about KT Merry.  KT does a lot of things but one thing she is passionate about is taking portraits of wild horses.

So we met at an undisclosed location, trekked through the muck and mud, and filmed a group of wild horses.  I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing of an experience this was.  These horses were inches away from my face.  At any moment they could have bucked any one of us, or trampled us, or ran away from us.  But instead, these wild beasts were curious about us.

It was a day like no other.  When I talk to people about it, I often compare it to the movie “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  Sean Penn has been trying to take a photo of this rare snow leopard for months.  Going to these desolate mountains just to get a photo.  There’s a moment where the snow leopard is in frame, and instead of taking the photo, Sean Penn’s character just sits back and enjoys the moment.  There were moments where I couldn’t film.  I just had to be there.  Be present in that moment with these horses.

The film isn’t out yet but you see parts of the film in my cinematography reel.  Aerial footage of horses running, close ups of horses, and just more horses doing horse things in the wild!



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